See your Church grow by over 30% this year!

Churches that host a Harvest Conference see their normal attendance increase by over 30% within 12 months. So Expect. Expect great growth of your churches average attendance post Harvest Conference.

Listen to what others have experienced:


Bishop David Hudson

Bishop David Hudson

“I can tell you unequivocally that Brian Norman is the real deal. From my first encounter of hearing him minister in a Harvest Conference he personally ministered to both my wife and I in the Spirit and it was definite word from God which we treasure to this day. I can recommend Brother Norman as a God send who breathes r-e-v-i-v-a-l and look for every way possible to make a difference to those he ministers to.”  




Pastor Robert Axton

Pastor Robert Axton

“As a pastor, it is not enough to just have a revival service, I want to see people remain in the church. Harvest Conference helps us do that. It is so much more than another good service and preaching. It equips us for retention. The workshops are top notch. Harvest Conference touches us all year. The results speak for themselves. We have more then tripled our attendance.”




Imagine a meeting where miracles happen. People are receiving the Holy Ghost and the Spirit is speaking to the body and individual members through preaching and otherwise. Now imagine that same meeting, with those same things plus transformational and inspirational teaching that causes over half of your local church body to become involved in the work of the ministry. Not just ministers or leaders but believers. This is what Harvest Conference is about, and what it accomplishes. It is also why your church will grow after hosting a Harvest Conference.


General Schedule for a Harvest Conference:

  • Friday Night: Miracle Rally

  • Saturday: Workshop Sessions during the day

  • Sunday: Outpouring Revival Services